Easy to operate easily manage accurate data

The first king of the wholesale and retail shop of the special administration of the PA to help you effectively manage business

Shop Master

  • High flexibility to suit different industries
  • Compatibility with professional hardwares
  • Duel monitor display
  • Sales monitor display

Wholesale Master

  • High flexibility to suit different industries
  • Compatibility with professional hardwares
  • Partial payment
  • Price and Stock management

Admin Master

  • Integrated distribution system
  • Remote surveillance
  • IMEI Function
  • E-coupon

Eshop Master

  • API Cross platform connection
  • High flexibility to suit different industries
  • Website function included
  • Online data search

Shop Master

This is a comprehensive management software for a single retail shop which covers all asprcts of daily operation from records of stocks and sales, VIP discounts to human resources managment. Inbrief, if you seek for all affairs in one shop, Shop Master is the perfect solution.

High flexibility to suit different industries

We understand that different industries have different special needs which an universal software cannot completely entertain, so many versions of shop

Compatibility with professional hardwares

Shop Master works to harmony with many commercial hardwares like barcode reader, cash drawer, thermal or matrix receipt prunter etc. to assist your business.

Sales tax calculation

it is predictable that sales tax, proposed several years ago and now under discussion by government, will be implemented sooner or later. The function of auto-calculation of sales tax has been added to Shop Master already, awaiting to start up. You will not be bothered when the day comes.

Wholesale Master

Wholesale Master is, as its name indicated, developed specially for wholesale business, which fas to consider internal management and two extra major information i.e. on one hand receiving stock form manufacturers and on the other hand selling stock to retailer. Due to similar nature of interaction with shops rather than retail consumers, Wholesale Master has contained most functions of Shop Master, but with special attention on payment methods and prices that may vary with each client, which is the most obvious difference between wholesalers and retailers. It, of course also conforms to our "one-business-one-software" principle - you won`t need any other software to run wholesale business!

Partial payment

Records of payment status are clearly shown under the account of each client so that you may have a clear picture of capital flowand size the best occasions for financial planning. The high efficiency of account management becomes unprecedented.

Price and stock management

High variation in prices in response to factors like quantity of purchase and good will of clients makes the wholesale trading much more complicated, but Wholesale Master could classify the fixeible price list systematically and present it properly.Besides, batch numbers, colors and sizes (for garments) and expire dates (for food) etc. Could also be recorded. You may also trace daily and monthly trading records of any particular client.

Admin Master

It is the most popular product since it was developed by 2001, which, after continuously fine readjustments, provides the best solution to manage and monitor the daily operation of retail shop form the head office. Linking up with Shop Master, Admin Master emphasizes analyzing data gathered form the former. The combined usage of these two softwares yields unexpectedly high effciency volume is recorded since Admin Master was placed in market four years ago.

Electronic message board

Corporation may issue a message to a specific or all the shops, stores are also acceptable payment message. This more than one internal messaging system will inevitably bring to the high efficiency of corporate communications.

Remote surveillance

Supervisors may log in the system wherever and whenever internet can be accessed. Business will no longer be limited in offices or shops so that you needed and start planning at once when opportunity comes

Integrated distribution system

This is the special feature shops pipe king, can arrange a number of items sent to a number of shops, shipped to each shop every logistics programs under control.

Fingerprint Security System

Security is the biggest consideration when we design software. To protect your database from unauthorized intrusion, every user must be based on a password, card or fingerprint login, this can simultaneously record time staff on duty.

Bar code printers directly connected

Representative product details barcode, you can specify the brand of bar code printer to print directly through the pipe shop king, without going through a third party software.

Eshop Master

As Internet has revolutionized the way we do shopping, online shop becomes more and more popular nowadays. To meet tyhe rapid rising market demand, especially in retail industry, we have developed EShop Master™ which is compatible with all types of shopping website. It is able to give a comprehensive analysis of your online business including customer profile, inventory management, order data processing, sales processes, etc.

O2O sales concept

O2O e-commerce model. You can provide product or services information throught the EShop Master™ is developed specially for online business. Providing membership records, inventory management, online sales data, etc., to help you master the entire online business situation.

Cross platform connection

EShop Master use API (application programming interface) to link up online stores and retail shop`s point of sales; all of the data are securely encrypyed and transfer to EShop Master for data analysis.

Website function included

Those standard management functions likes online store trading system, website optimization, modify online product information, product images are included in EShop Master. Even though you already have your online store, EShop Master can also be fully compatible with all type of online store trading systems, direct send lets you send order status, warehouse information and product information etc. instantly.

Looks great on every device

Looks great on every device

PatCom System Limited

Established 20 years ago by a qroup of experts of information system, patcom System Limited is always one of the leading local companies for technological advanced and innovative commercial softwares. Our professional team never stops exploring comprehensive and user-friendly softwares to clients with the latest technology with over 20 years experience.
We are proud to say that our top three products i.e. Shop Master, Admin Master and Wholesale Master, are the most cost-effective tools to boost your business achievement.
Our team is now dedicating their concentration to the development of management softwares specially for manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials and customers services and analysis, so that a complete series of services concerning the retail business chain will be formed.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission
To assist our clients in enhancement of convenience and productivity by a comprehensive range of management softwares and thereby throbbing with the pulse of the changing business sector of Hong Kong, China, and the wider world community.
Our Vision
To be acknowledged as a first-class computer system company whose every product perform the best operational efficiency and meets international standards of excellence.

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